Global Greens Condemn Israeli Attack Call for Blockade on Gaza to be Lifted Immediately


2010 / 06 / 07

Global Greens Condemn Israeli Attack Call for Blockade on Gaza to be Lifted Immediately

The Global Greens condemn in the strongest terms the Israeli government’s deadly attack on the flotilla of six ships carrying aid supplies to the Palestinians trapped in Gaza.

We send our deep sympathy to the families and friends of those killed and injured while taking part in an international mission whose purpose was peaceful and humanitarian.

The responsibility lies with Israel to explain its actions including the use of armed forces to intercept the flotilla.

The Global Greens demand an urgent, independent international investigation into the flotilla tragedy. The armed interception of the humanitarian convoy took place in international waters and used lethal force resulting in nine deaths and dozens of injuries. The investigation must determine whether it was unlawful and the force used disproportionate.

We must not forget the fact that the underlying cause of this tragedy is the blockade on Gaza. The convoy with over 600 activists on board was taking aid to the 1.4 million men, women and children trapped in an area just 40 km long and 9.5 km wide.

We call on the international community to apply pressure for the Israeli authorities to lift the Gaza siege immediately and allow in fuel, food and other necessities without restriction. The civilian population are struggling with desperate poverty in a situation which amounts to collective punishment.

Future humanitarian convoys should be given access to Gaza. There must be no repeat of shocking incidents like this.


Global Greens Coordination: Sandra Peng, Liaquat Ali, Margaret Blakers, Frank Habineza, Adamou Garba, Nma Emeruwah, Juan Behrend, Steve Emmott, Monica Frassoni, Manuel Baquedano, Marco Antonio Mroz, Claudia Moy Pena, Flor de Maria Hurtado.

Global Greens Statement 2 June 2010