To all over the world:Taiwan Hansens’human rights, patients the right to campaign, has been plunged into the dark cold winter.


Reporter:IDEA Taiwan / Taiwan Leprosy self help save Lo-Sheng .org

It is to be regretted that we must announce to the world this message at this moment. Today, Taiwan Health Ministry Director, Yeh Chin-chuan(葉金川), has promised the Taipei mass rapid transit(MRT) company will help to relation(eviction) all the left residents in Lo-Sheng Sanatorium, which was built in 1930, is the only government-run leprosy institution in Taiwan,R.O.C.

This morning, December 3, it can be said that there were almost 500 polices began to force to evict the left residents who denied to move out there houses, and here are over 200 Solidarities there. People sited together on floor to against evictions. The two sides deadlocked for 1 hour to exhaust all efforts, but finally all the Solidarities were arrested by police and send into the security vehicle to faraway.

At the end, the left residents , about 40 persons, had been related another area at the top edge of the hill slope angle, MAT company made Residents and the left 25 monuments buildings was surrounded by layers of barbed wire, as well as the rapid transit bulldozers began to dismantle 6 monuments buildings in plan.

An old man with a weak voice, he said, "We see the fence surrounded by bulldozers and barbed wire, I thought we had just been arrested in 1949 into Lo-Sheng Sanatorium, at that time, here was also full isolation by barbed wire, bullets. After 60 years, today we face the similar situation.”

We must painfully announced to the world, Taiwan Hansens’human rights, patients the right to campaign, has been plunged into the dark cold winter.

Nevertheless, the solidarities expressed, we do not have the right to feel grief, human rights and the preservation of historical monuments struggle for HD Ex-patients’s will continue, we will urge the Government to remove the fence, and designated historic, as soon as possible. Hope the evictions like this happened in Lo-Sheng Sanatorium today will never happen again in other place all over the world because of the reasons for economic development. We discovered that some kinds of those segregation sites even more early than Nazi's concentration camp, which UNESCO have designated to be the World Heritage for educating the next generations. The president in IDEA Taiwan, Le Ten-Pei, who are ex-patient in Lo-Sheng said“eventually we will appeal to UNESCO, pleas help the world HD ex-patients’ and their families who were isolated in segregated islands, villages, Sanatoriums before 1945 to now for a long time and now this places have been like their homeland Could designated to be World Heritage in order to protect the rights and interests of ex-patients and their families worldwide, at the same time offer for educating the next generations to know the histories happened before all over the world to avoid once again. III. CONTACT PERSONS: IDEA Taiwan office International coordinator: Lai, Tse-Chun Soda Masato Tel:+886_968464099 Tel/Fax +886_86775887 Address: Lo-Sheng Sanatorium 796 Jhong jheng Road Sin jhuang City,Taipei County, Taiwan

TYULR( Taiwan Youth Union for Leper's Rights)