Declaration for the Preservation of Lo Sheng


We, the participants in the International Workshop entitled “Ensuring the Rights of the Older Generation of Individuals Affected by Hansen’s Disease/Leprosy,” sponsored by IDEA Taiwan and held from March 3-7, 2009, at Lo Sheng in Taiwan, make the following declaration and resolutions:

我 們由國際愛地芽協會台灣分會主辦之2009337日 在臺灣樂生療養院舉行的「年長漢生病/麻 瘋病人權利」工作坊的參加者茲 作以下宣示與決議: 


Whereas, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognizes “the inherent dignity” and “the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family” as the foundation for freedom, justice and peace in the world;


由 於世界人權宣言認為「天賦尊嚴」與「人類大家庭成員之平等而不可剝奪的權利」是世上自由、正義與和平的基 礎; 


Whereas, the residents of Lo Sheng are most valued members of the world community who are an inspiration to present and future generations;

由 於樂生院民是世界社區最有價值的成員,是對現在與未來世代的鼓舞; 



Whereas Lo Sheng is a living intergenerational community, and will continue to evolve and live on into the future through the efforts of the residents, family members, and devoted supporters; 


由 於樂生是一個活生生的跨世代社區,且將經由院民、家庭成員與熱心支持者的努力而繼續發展生存;  



Whereas, we as colleagues with international expertise in the preservation of the history of leprosy/Hansen’s Disease, recognize Lo Sheng as an internationally significant historic site:

由 於我們,作為具備麻瘋病/漢生病歷史保存國際專門技術的伙 伴,認為樂生是一個具備國際意義的歷史場所:


Therefore, we declare:

As part of global history, Lo Sheng has universal value, and therefore demands preservation for future generations. Governments in Norway, the United States, Japan, Korea, and other countries have already acknowledged this international responsibility to protect these communities and their histories, ensuring that their messages of hope and courage will inspire people from around the world for years to come. Lo Sheng deserves the same type of protection.

因 此,我們宣示: 

作 為全球歷史的一部分,樂生具有世界性的價值,因而必須為未來世代而保存。挪威、美國、日本、韓國以及其他國 家的政府已經承認保護此等社區及其歷史的國際責任,確保他們帶來希望與勇氣的訊息能激勵未來世界各地的人。樂 生當得這種保護。 


As a member of the international leprosy/Hansen’s Disease community, we hereby commit ourselves to the following actions: 

作 為國際麻瘋病/漢生病社區的一分子,我 們因此承諾從事下列行動:


1.      In solidarity, we support without reservation all efforts by our brothers and sisters around the globe, who try to conserve leprosy/Hansen’s Disease communities. We strongly urge all levels of governments to support these efforts. IDEA International, as an NGO with special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council, will take the lead to build a strong network to support the efforts of conserving leprosy/Hansen’s Disease communities as historical heritage for all human beings.

1.我們無保留的支持全世界設法保存麻瘋病/漢生病社區的兄弟姐妹們所有的努力,與他們團結一 致。我們強烈促請各級政府支持這些運動。作為一個具有聯合國經濟社會委員會諮詢地位的非政府組織,國 際愛地芽協會將帶頭建立一個支持保存麻瘋病/漢生病社區作 為全人類歷史遺產之努力的強力網絡。

2.       Given the significance of the history of leprosy/Hansen’s Disease to all people, we hereby announce that Lo Sheng community is an international significant historical site.b> We support the initiative of IDEA Taiwan to apply for World Heritage status in the United Nations. Thereby we strongly applaud the recent decision by the Taiwanese government to include the Lo Sheng on the list of potential World Heritage Sites and will continue to support its application in the UN.

2.麻瘋病/漢 生病的歷史對全人類具有意義,我們於此宣布樂生療養院是一個有國際重要性的歷史地點。我們支持國際愛地芽協 會臺灣分會以樂生療養院向聯合國申請世界遺產地位的計畫。因此我們對於臺灣政府近日允諾將樂生納入申請世界 遺產地點的潛力點之一感到欣慰,並將繼續支持這個在聯合國的申請案。





March 4th 2009