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2014/01/02 How Beer Explains 20 Years of NAFTA’s Devastating Effects on Mexico TripleCrisis Timothy A. Wise
2012/05/07 Gifted volunteer-oholic shares joy of sharing The China Post Grace Soong
2010/06/23 納粹滅絕猶太人與以色列滅絕巴勒斯坦人的影像比較 normanfinkelstein.com
2010/04/14 伯利恆軍事檢查站 清晨四點 (巴勒斯坦人一天的開始) Al-Rowwad center
2009/09/04 In Praise Of Aung San Suu Kyi 戰爭與和平
2009/05/27 Foreign laborer ratio to be lowered to 20 percent (from the previous 25%) The China Post
2009/05/27 Pagbabago! to field candidate ‘Paq Yu’ Philippine Daily Inquirer
2009/05/21 Workers Protest Labor Rights at Apple’s Taiwan Office Cult of Mac
2009/05/21 Apple in the middle of another sweatshop labor dispute mancc
2009/05/21 Taiwanese labor rights groups put pressure on Apple mancc
2009/05/21 Supplier Wintek Lands Apple in Labor Dispute theAppleBlog
2009/05/21 Workers push Apple to end iPhone supplier's labor abuse Apple inside
2009/05/21 Apple under fire in Taiwan-Labor groups target a supplier of the U.S. computer giant. global post Jonathan Adams
2009/04/21 [CNT Sevilla] Workers of Editorial Océano in Struggle
2009/03/23 [西班牙CNT]艾德拉的花草環境工作者遭非法解雇! 新聞你來搞 Emblack
2009/02/20 [CNT Lebrija] Lebrija on General strike F18 Emblack
2009/02/18 Blacklisting of Taiwanese broker, recruiter sought for abusing OFWs GMANews.TV
2008/09/27 城市游牧影展 URBAN NOMAD FILM PROGRAM 本周放映 選舉 The Campaign (120分鐘)/(想田和弘/日本/2007) 城市游牧影展
2008/09/17 Deceptions and cover ups: RP government's mark on neglect of OFWs in Kuwait
2008/09/11 On its 3rd summit, Filipino migrants in Hong Kong challenge GFMD